Amplified Events - The Advantages of Hiring an Amplified Event Manager.

Is it time for a change in the events world? According to several specialists in the area the time has come to introduce 2 relatively new types of events and bring down the physical restrictions events suffer from and to get to know the advantages of what is defined as amplified events. This new type of events that are coming to allow an event that has always been confined to one place to finally reach every corner of the world, using the same investment, or practically the same, to reach a wider and equally specialised audience. 

Technology is allowing the future of events to reach further. Nowadays we can see these changes on the event industry through streaming technologies, such as Facebook and Twitter Live or direct on YouTube; but also thanks to options such as video on demand, blogging, social and professional networks and even podcast formats. These tools are transforming traditional events into amplified hybrid or online events.  Technology is allowing the future of events to reach further. Nowadays we can see these changes on the event industry through streaming technologies, such as Facebook and Twitter Live or direct on YouTube; but also thanks to options such as video on demand, blogging, social and professional networks and even podcast formats. These tools are transforming traditional events into amplified hybrid or online events.  

Although the general concept of these two being simple, organising them involves several tasks that can lead to errors, just like traditional events, which will eventually affect the quality of the event, especially if its application is not supervised by the correct expert.  

This is when the role of the event coordinator becomes essential. This brings to the events world the necessity of a new profession required by hybrid and online events brought to make sure that technology does not get in the way of a successful wider event, but instead allows it to increase its scope. 

The amplified event coordinator is able to "recruit" the necessary technology and experts to transform the traditional event into a successful hybrid or online event while ensuring that speakers, interpreters and participants only have to worry about the content and never the technology. 

But what are hybrid and online events you ask? Here is a brief explanation: 

Hybrid Event 

A hybrid event takes place in a physical venue, while also being attended by a live and interactive audience online. In fact this option for a hybrid event allows to combine a traditional event held in a room or auditorium with an online meeting or conference giving us the possibility of no longer being bound by physical or geographical limitations – anyone in the world could potentially participate in any event.  

This increase of audience also highlights another advantage of hybrid events – cost-effectiveness. In terms of optimising your return on investment (ROI), hybrid events bring exponentially more attendees and therefore prospective customers to events. Instead of organising multiple (similar) events in different cities, which is normally very expensive, a single hybrid event can be held for the event’s entire audience – across the country or globe.  

But before planning starting to plan hybrid events, it’s also important to know that to be a hybrid event you can’t just stream it live to an online audience – such as audiences on Facebook Live. 

A true hybrid event utilises technology to bring online audiences into an event experience – so online audiences and live participants experience almost the same event by getting to participate in the event in the same way that live attendee do. This means participating in Q&A sessions, interacting with speakers, and engaging with fellow attendees.

Online Event 

Lately we heard and read a lot about these online events that do not require the use of rooms and auditoriums and can be broadcasted and reached anywhere in the world by just having internet access and the right technology. 

These are events with a specific date, time, and agenda but which take place in a virtual space rather than a physical one. These typically offer both live and on-demand presentations and, in many cases, give people the opportunity to interact with other event attendees in a web-based virtual environment. 

Some of the advantages of holding these online and/or hybrid events can be: 

Financial – Online events are more cost-effective by saving money on venues or catering for example.  

Time Saver: Online event hosts save time on setup and planning. Attendees save time on travel. This becomes also an environmental advantage since reduces the amount of people travelling.  

More Audience - Online events only require a device with an internet connection, they’re wide open to nearly everyone. More people can easily attend online events including international attendees who might be too far away to make attending an in-person feasible. 

Increase Potential Speaker List - Reduced commitments for a virtual event may also make it easier to get speakers. 

Reduce Risk of Outbreak - The one reason that is on everyone’s minds during a pandemic. Virtual events make it easier for your event attendees to still get value from the event content without worrying about getting sick or spreading germs. 

Hopefully now it is clearer what these 2 types of events and the main difference between them, which is the existence of the live event, being inexistent in online although both are interactive and broadcasted to a much wider audience then the regular live event.  

Imagine now how life can be easier when choosing an amplified events coordinator who will have the know-how of a traditional event coordinator, added to the technological knowledge that allows transforming the classic event that takes place in a room, into a hybrid or online event capable of reaching the entire planet. 

This professional will allow you to relax and concentrate on your business only, while all the work and stress of the event organisation is taken care for you. From selecting the conference room and venue, dealing with conference communication and ensuring hostesses and audio-visual technicians are all coordinated to accommodating speakers, organisers, interpreters and audience in the same place and at the scheduled time. 

The option of an amplified event coordinator allows you, as a speaker, organiser or participant, to have control over the technology and use it in your favour.  

Credits and acknowledgement to @AP Portugal for all the content based on the 2 blogs below regarding the new technology of Amplified events in a changing word.

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