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We connect the dots between People, Brands and Culture. From concept to completion, we immerse ourselves wholly in each project, we see ourselves as an extension of your team.

Young, inspired, and motivated! 3 young ladies looking to embark on a challenging adventure. We had the ideas; we were humble to know that only hard work pays and were ready to go the extra mile.

Creating RSVP was one of the best things we did, and it shaped us to being the Women we are today.

We started off small working from a kitchen table. This new challenge was scary yet if you don’t take the plunge nothing happens. We took anything and everything that came our way. This forged our experiences in our work and with our clients. We can rightly say “been there done that” when it comes to a starting a brand from scratch.

As we progressed, we grasped opportunities when presented to us, we a gave it our all, invested every ounce of energy into each aspect, most often going over and above what was expected.

These opportunities came with new challenges and the need to grow our team. We needed specialised skills such as graphic design and social media specialists to help us provide a holistic service to our clients. This brought a new dynamic to our little budding company. We now had others to take care of, a new challenge: ensure we have enough business to pay salaries at the end of the month but also managing people hence the need for better structure and processes to be put in place.

With humble beginnings we continued to build our reputation as always being present, always available, and reliable. We have not forgotten all the hard work when we started, and we know that there is always more hard work ahead and to be continuously dedicated to our teams and to our clients.

We have had the most extraordinary opportunities to work with some of the biggest corporate companies in Mauritius on launch events or even corporate sports events, but to also with the friendliest of families when organising the most special day in their lives.

We have assisted and accompanied clients in developing their marketing and communication strategies with our creative thinking and designs as well as our helpful customer service. We always keep our customer in mind and work together to build their social media platforms and drive traffic and visibility for their brand.

We strongly believe that we add value to your brand, event or campaign, with engaged team members working together to better serve you.

We are a team that works with integrity and passion, we not only serve high quality and creative works but respect our clients and their expectations.

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Our Team

Wea re a dynamic team, whom work closely together. We believe that no man is an island and together we are stronger and greater. At RSVP we work hard but we also ensure that we enjoy ourselves in the process.

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